29 noviembre 2006

¿Saben aquel que digo?

Taciturn, introverted and almost without even outlining a smile ('I only laugh when I get paid for my performance', he used to say), his humor used to start with a question (¿Lo saben aquel que dice...? (Do you know that one that says...?, referring to a joke)) followed by a story as an answer, from more than 15,000 that he had collected since he started his career as a showman together with his wife, forming the musical duo 'Els Dos', at the 'Sausalito' in Barcelona. With a cigarette at the ready, a glass of whiskey in his hand and smoked glasses on, Eugenio was always wearing a black silk shirt, undone to the point that let him show a big golden cross around his neck and some other pendants. After the death of his first wife, he continued his performances alone, compiling a huge number of stories which he later recorded in albums ("Eugeniadas", "Eugenio con un cigarrillo", "Eugenio y los caballitos", "Con cierto sabor a Eugenio"). His latest record work, "Érase otra vez... Eugenio", was presented in the 'Joventud de l'Hospitalet' theatre in February 2000. It was recorded one year earlier, and meant his return to the artistic world after a break of five years due to several health problems. During this time, the stand-up comedian practised one of his less known facets: painting, which together with hypnotism was one of his best hobbies. Eugenio was present in many TV programs, the last one being "Crónicas marcianas" (Tele 5 channel), and he even had one of his own: "La chistera" (Tele 5 channel), in 1993. In 1983 he starred the film Genio en apuros, Un (1983), together with an impeccable cast.

Chiste El Eclipse (buenísimo)
Chistes Eugenio I
Chistes Eugenio II
Chiste De Los Telegramas
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